Glasshouse Images Terms & Conditions
The following is a legal agreement between the Licensee (you) and Glasshouse Images, Inc. Please read this Agreement carefully before using any image from this website. Using an
image downloaded from the Glasshouse Images website means you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

Permissible Uses of Royalty-Free (RF) Licensed Images
1. User's license Glasshouse Images hereby licenses all users of this product to use this image on the express condition that the following terms and conditions are duly complied with:
All copyrights and other related rights are owned by the contributing agency. Use automatically entails the absolute presumption that the user has read and understood this agreement and
accepts to be bound by the terms hereof without reserve.
2. User's rights
A. To reproduce, display, print, adapt and publish the photographic image using any and all media, subject to the conditions contained below.
B. To make one (1) back-up copy of the image for archive or storage purposes.
C. Making use the image on behalf of a third party who is not the holder of the present license, provided that this usage does not allow the said third party free access to the
photographic image or all of the photographic images, which would result in this third party being considered a user according to the definition provided herein
D. The user remains responsible and shall act as guarantor for the third party vis-à-vis Glasshouse Images with regard to respecting the terms herein.
3. Use restrictions The user has no right to:
A. Copy the image or the accompanying written materials, except in those cases specifically authorized in this license agreement.
B. Reproduce the image as is, for commercial purposes.
C. The user is hereby informed that unauthorized commercial use will result in the user being civilly and/or criminally liable for infringement of copyright.
D. Reproducing or providing the image to more than 20 people, notably through duplication of the files or by making them available via an Internet, Intranet network, extranet,
or through file sharing.
E. Create a scandalous, obscene or immoral work using the photographic image.
F. Distribute or sell the image by associating them with another product in competition.
G. Use the photographic image relating to any identifiable persons, goods or entities in any way likely to bring the image of such persons, good or entities into disrepute, in
particular by conferring upon it anything of a scandalous, obscene or immoral or similar nature, or which might suggest any link or association with any product, service or
concept, by giving it a polemical, unfair, parasitical or defamatory nature.
H. Crop individual people from groups larger than 4 persons and use them as individuals in your design.
I. Rent, sell, lend or otherwise grant rights to the image outside of the cases referred to above.
J. This license entitles the user to the copyright of the photographs and the image rights of the models photographed. The user may not, however, use or reprocess the image in
such a way that they might infringe tangible or intangible property rights (e.g. reframing a monument in close-up). In consequence whereof, the user is fully liable for any use he
may make of the photographic image which may require specific permission from third parties in respect of any tangible or intangible property rights which may be claimed and
which are expressly excluded from the terms of this license. Glasshouse Images declines all responsibility relative to any use of these photographs which could constitute an
infringement on the rights of third parties.
K. In the event of doubt, the user may contact Glasshouse Images at the above address (art.1).
4. Photographer All use of the photographic images is subject to the citation of the photographer, the contributing agency and Glasshouse Images.
5. Duration This User's License shall remain in full force and effect throughout the entire duration of use of the image. It shall be terminated in the event the user does not comply with
the terms and conditions hereof. Upon expiration of this License Agreement, the user hereby agrees to destroy all copies he has made of the image.
6. Warranty Glasshouse Images hereby guarantees the workmanship of this image for three days following the date of purchase. In the event of a defect due to the downloading
appearing during the three-day period, Glasshouse Images will replace the defective image.
7. Disclaimer of warranty and liability The image is provided as is, under the guarantees provided above. All risks related to the results or performance of the image are assumed by the
8. Refund and Return Policy for RF All images downloaded are FINAL. Any refund, order cancellation or exchange request made after downloading the image(s) will be granted solely
at the discretion of Glasshouse Images. The downloading of the image(s) by the Licensee constitutes an agreement to these conditions. No returns of opened software will be permitted.
Merchandise will only be exchanged upon the return of the original damaged merchandise.

Permissible Uses of Rights-Managed (RM)

Licensed Images Images which are downloaded are restricted to the use for which they were licensed. No other rights will be granted unless
specifically stated in the license. Your rights to use an image are based on the restrictions stated in the License Agreement, and are dependent upon your payment of the purchase price for
the images before use.
1. Copyright of Images The images are copyrighted and all rights are owned by Glasshouse Images, Inc. and/or its contributing artists. The digital image files on this website are
copyrighted and protected by the intellectual property laws of the United States and the Berne Convention. Image use without prior payment is a copyright violation.
2. Restricted Usage Use of the images in any pornographic or defamatory manner is strictly prohibited, and may result in legal action by Glasshouse Images, Inc. and/or affected parties
(see section titled Model Releases). Glasshouse Images, Inc. gives no rights or warranties with respect to the use of names, trademarks, logos, registered or copyrighted designs or works
of art depicted in any image(s), and you must satisfy yourself that all necessary rights, model releases, consents or permissions as may be required for reproduction are secured (see Model
Release).Licensee cannot use Glasshouse images to create products for sale in which the primary value of the product is the image. This includes but is not limited to postcards, greeting
cards, posters, mousepads, premium items and T-shirts.Rights to an image are "non-transferable,” meaning that the work you produce using an Image must be for your own use, or for the
use of your employer, client or customer, who must be the end-user of your work. You may not sell, rent, loan, give, sublicense or in anyway transfer to anyone either the image, or the
right to use it except as described under “Permissible Uses”. You may not grant any third party the right to use or duplicate an image. You agree to take all reasonable steps to prevent
third parties from duplicating or distributing Glasshouse images. You may not post any Glasshouse image or images on any electronic bulletin board, put the images on-line in a
downloadable format, or use the images in a website at a resolution higher than 72dpi.
3. Model and Property Releases Unless expressly specified, no valid model or other release exists for any image. Delivery of an existing release (upon request) does not warrant validity
of such release. Absent such express warranty, in writing, licensee agrees to indemnify and hold harmless GHI against any and all claims arising out of licensees usage.
4. Sensitive Issues If you wish to use one of our photographs in connection with a sensitive or controversial subject such as, but not limited to: alcohol, substance abuse, domestic abuse,
contraception, tobacco, sexual subjects, AIDS, or serious mental or physical illness, we require that you notify us in writing and obtain advance written permission for these uses. In most
cases we will contact the model or person involved to obtain this permission. Glasshouse Images, Inc. reserves the right not to permit reproduction of any image(s) for any reason
5. Editorial Photo Credits and Copyright Any editorial use of the image(s) must bear the credit line "Photographer’s Name/Glasshouse Images.”
6. Payment and Cancellation Policy for RM Payment is due within 30 days of receipt of invoice unless paying by credit card. Credit card charges are incurred automatically. To cancel
invoice Licensee must notify GHI in writing within 30 days of receipt of invoice. If GHI is notified within 30 days Licensee will receive a 50% refund. If GHI is notified after 30 days
Licensee will not be entitled to any refund.
7. Indemnification and Limits of Liability Licensee shall indemnify Glasshouse Images, Inc. against any and all claims arising out of the use of an image which may be construed by a
model as degrading or offensive, or which deal with controversial subjects for which the licensee has not obtained written permission. You agree to indemnify and hold Glasshouse
Images, Inc. harmless against damages or liability of any kind arising from the use of an image other than the uses specifically permitted by this Agreement. Venue for any action
respecting this Agreement, an image or attempted use of the image shall be New York, NY.
8. Arbitration Any and all disputes relating to this Contract, with the exception of copyright, including its validity, interpretation, performance, breach or other matter shall be settled by
arbitration in New York pursuant to the rules of the American Arbitration Association. Judgment upon any award rendered may be entered in the highest court having jurisdiction. The
Laws of the State of New York shall govern the interpretation of this Agreement. You agree the arbitrators have full authority to award costs of the arbitration including legal fees, plus
legal interest on any award.
9. Legal Costs and Jurisdiction In the event that either a court of competent jurisdiction directs us to go to court, or the matter involves copyright, you agree to fully reimburse
Glasshouse Images, Inc. for its reasonable legal fees and disbursements if Glasshouse Images, Inc. is successful in the suit.
10. No Waiver; Complete Agreement The terms set forth in this policy represent our entire agreement concerning the delivery of any image(s) to you, your review and usage thereof. All prior understandings or representations, whether oral or written, based on "industry custom" or past dealings, are hereby merged in this Agreement. No terms or conditions may be added unless made in writing and signed by both parties.